Feet and Hands with the Fuji

Oh I’m so up in the air about the Fuji. I mentioned I rented the EX-2 a few weeks back and while it was fun I thought it was not for me because the AF was too slow. Having two wiggly littles that was a huge problem. However I’ve been editing the photos and now I’m missing it. I’ve starting looking at the x100s instead. Now I’m lusting over that. Man, why does there have to be so many cameras I want! Well for now I’ll continuing editing my photos and making decisions on where I want to go with my photography. Until then lets enjoy some little feet and some yummy hands that are fun to chew on.;)

Feets & Hands-Fuji (1 of 2)
Feets & Hands-Fuji  (4 of 1)

Jennifer B - SO sweet! And any time you want to check out the x100s, let me know! ;)

Sweet Boy

The kiddos have been sick recently. So our spring break has been about getting better. This little guy got RSV and besides the wheezing and cough you wouldn’t know he was that sick. He is such a laid back little dude. I just love this sweet boy.

C & A-42

Candace - Poor guy, I hope he gets better soon!


We had our first fire in the backyard the other day. Connor snuggled up to his Daddy. I realized how very few photos they have together. I have a lot with my cell but not with my big camera. Although this wasn’t taken with my D700. I was able to play with the Fuji X-E2 and that is what this photo was taken with. It gives it a different look. While I LOVE photos produced with this camera I’m not sure if it fits my style. The verdict is still out. I have it for two more days so we shall see what I decide.:)

First Fire-16

Candace - He looks so happy snuggled up with daddy. <3

littlefstops - what a wonderful expression you captured!! what a treasure!!

Little Lady at Four.

I took these a month ago. Editing these days just hasn’t fit into my schedule. But here’s one of my favorite from her small 4 year old session we did. I love this location. Unfortunately the barns are really starting to fall apart. If I can and they’re still there, I hope to take the same photo when she turns 18! <3

Four Years-72

Chelsea - I hope that barn is there too when she’s 18. Such as sweet shot!


We didn’t get much, but it’s enough to make this girl very happy!


Tom - How much would u like I have as much as u want 562-321-0807

littlefstops - LOVE the snowflake and crisp clean colors!!

365 Dropout?

So I knew taking on this project with a new baby was going to be a big challenge. How big exactly I didn’t know. Unfortunately through sleepless nights, a whole house hold of sickness I quit picking up my camera. What do I do now? Do I start fresh? Or do I wrap it up as a nice try for a crazy time in my life and lets just go back to shooting and posting when I can? Well I think for now I’m a dropout. I can’t handle the stress it’s causing me to do the project. However I am going to challenge myself to pick up the camera a least twice a week. I miss photography and that personal outlet of mine. So I’m going to try that route and posting twice a week and hope it sticks this time.

So for now I leave you while I go cuddle with my insanely cute little boy and hopefully will be back with more photos in coming weeks. Thanks as always for sticking with me!

iPhoneCuddles (1 of 1)

Chelsea - You are awesome, momma!! Squeeze those kiddos and grace us with your gorgeous images when the time is best for you!! Hugs