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Month two has been completed of my 365 project. I won’t lie this was a rough month. There were a few days I couldn’t pick up my camera due to certain circumstances that I couldn’t control. Although I did miss a few days, I made a point to “make them up.” For example some days I picked my camera up more times than normal to capture more of our day. It’s what kept me going, knowing I still captured more of our life than if I wasn’t doing this project. So here are my favorites from the month.

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Oh these lights have become an obsession. Trying to photograph the perfect shot that would look great on a metal print has turned into something I badly want to capture. I might have done so on Wednesday day. We got another forecast and it looked good. Headed out to the beach and the show was amazing! We captured more color this time and the pink had me so excited! So thankful I am able to capture these lights in the PNW but man am I exhausted.

Northern Lights1 Northern Lights2 Northern Lights3 Northern Lights4 Northern Lights5


Last fall I attempted to photograph these elusive lights. Unfortunately the storm weakened the night they predicted we would see it and we left the wee hours of the mornings empty. After a few missed calls we finally got information that another large storm was happening. So with two other photographer buddies, we made last minute plans and headed out towards Anacortes in hopes of seeing the lights. We made a deal that if we didn’t see anything by 1am we would head home. Well that time came and we agreed mutually that we would wait 10 more minutes since all the information we were reading was saying we should see them. Thankfully we made that choice because within those 10 minutes our cameras started picking up the green of the lights. From there we got a beautiful 20 minute show and an event you can only dream of in your lifetime. The storm got so strong that we could actually watch it with our bare eyes of the grey streaking across the sky. And what was showing up on the back of our cameras was a dream. I won’t say more than that, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. But now that we have a taste, we will be watching for more storms in the future! I hope you enjoy these photos.

Taken at Washington Park, Anacortes. Between 1:22am and 1:34am

Northern Lights Anacortes-1 Northern Lights Anacortes-2 Northern Lights Anacortes-3 Northern Lights Anacortes-4 Northern Lights Anacortes5 Northern Lights Anacortes6


This year I took on a 365 project. I’ve done this back in 2011 and although very challenging, I loved all the photos I came out with. So many photos of my daughter that I would have never captured. She was just one years old, so it was only fitting to do one when my son was one as well. I have no rules with this project, for now I’m going to post my favorites from each month. Some months I might post all or even more if I got several photos I love. But I will at least have one post each month. So I hope you enjoy taking a look into our daily goings each month.

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