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We have had such a fun and busy summer and I have so much to catch up on with sessions and sharing some of our adventures. But today it happened… my oldest headed to Kindergarten and this Mama shed a lot of tears. I knew this was coming and I was so exciting for her but my heart hurt a little knowing she wasn’t going to be with me every day like she has the last five and a half years. But the day was awesome! She came home so pumped with stories to tell us about new friends and all the teachers she met.

The night before Kindergarten we headed out to the river though and I had to grab a few shots of her pre Kindergarten. I just had to capture her in this moment. And boy did that girl give me some sass for the photos and I love them all but I’ll stick to just sharing the top three.

NightBeforeKindergarten-25Blog NightBeforeKindergarten-57Blog NightBeforeKindergarten-127Blog

Than onto the first day of Kindergarten. She was ready and had no problems finding her seat and letting us leave. No tears were shed by her, only by me. I was so proud of her and I look forward to a year of stories and hearing about all the new things she will learn.

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