4th of July

Our forth of July this year was a quiet one. With a lot of work going on, the man of the house only had one day off so our normal plans were cancelled. But that’s okay and we made the most of it with good friend. Only draw back was the actual forth was not the nicest weather. So on the third I set out with the kids with a new favorite location and took some photos with them and the flag. They had a blast running up and down the hills. But I won’t lie, it took 200 photos to get these three photos.

The day of I left the camera at home and enjoyed time the four of us. We headed to a local parade, then a carnival (that was way overpriced!) and then to a wood carving show. I loved the wood carving show and got the card of one of the amazing artist who I hope to have some of his work when we finally get our new house!

Then later that night we had friends over while we lit off a small batch of fireworks. We were all tired so thankfully we finished just after dark. Plus we got to enjoy the big fireworks our neighbors purchased and we didn’t have to spend a dime on them! 😉 Win, win in our book! Hope everyone had a wonderful forth and we can not wait for next year where we hopefully can make our annual plans.

4th of July-1 Forth of July-3 Forth of July-2
4th of July-69 4th of July Connor Sparklers-20 Connor Sparklers-68 Connor Sparklers-72


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